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Becky Ray

Becky Ray has had an interest in the paranormal as long as she has had memories. She has been actively investigating the unknown for over 35 years and is a founding member of the team Paranormal Activity Investigators, one of the longest continuously active teams in the Midwest. She has been based in the Kansas City area since 1997. 

Becky's knowledge of the paranormal has been featured on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal, and on several local media outlets including radio, television, and print.

Becky is a librarian by day which provides her with plenty of opportunities to dive into various research topics including location histories and character backgrounds. Growing up in Oklahoma Becky received her BA in Speech/Theater from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. After college, she moved to California for several years before moving to the Kansas City Metro area. She continues to work in broadcasting and was the co-host of the podcast "The Darker Side of the Moon." Becky is also a comedic performance artist and occasionally still performs burlesque.

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Based in Kansas City, Missouri